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Explore Cordoba!

A visit to Hotel Las Casas de la Juderia is much more than just a stay in an amazing hotel. It is an experience of the city of Cordoba in all its forms. We wish and strive to help you do this: we want to offer experiences. Discover them below!

TAPAS AT VICTORIA MARKET Throughout the year

Enjoy Cordoba's cuisine at an excellent price in Victoria Market, from gazpacho to flamenquines. This market is located just a few steps from the historic centre of Cordoba and the city centre. It is a unique place where you can sample tapas.


There are different options to visit the courtyards of Cordoba. You can see them on your own during the Festival of May, visit the Centro de Interpretación de la Fiesta de Los Patios Trueque Cuatro, the Viana Palace or sign a concerted visit (accompanied or on your own), either on these dates or during the rest of the year.


Cordoba's "Caballerizas Reales" (Royal Stables) are home to a wonderful show in which the Pure Spanish Horse Race is the protagonist. In 1570, Felipe II ordered to create the monumental Royal Stables because he was very keen on horses and wanted to create one of the best races in history: the Andalusian Horse - Pure Spanish Race. This show is a unique opportunity to be impressed by the beauty and magic of these animals exhibiting different disciplines and expertise of the riders and the Amazons. Furthermore, all this is accompanied by music prepared for the occasion and dance numbers that blend dance exercises with horses.

MORATALLA PALACEThroughout the year

Bus shuttle. Discover Moratalla Palace and its majestic gardens of the nineteenth century, declared of artistic interest since 1983 and nestled in the heart of the Guadalquivir valley in Hornachuelos (Córdoba). 8 hectares of parkland where the main lines and symbolism of JCN Forestier melt.

Visit time: 4 hours (for groups of 20 people minimum)
Journey time between Cordoba and Hornachuelos: 1 hour


The haute cuisine, the most popular and prestigious chefs, meet in Cordoba. This unique feature is also offered to visitors and lovers of the kitchen, and anyone who comes to Cordoba in the search of these "Michelin stars", which will meet the special pairing of the brightest dishes with the aroma of neighborhood life. There, anchored to their neighborhood and their land, the Cordovan cook with 'Michelin Star', Kisko García, gave birth to his restaurant, Choco. Among little houses, stands Noor, which means "light" in Arabic, Paco Morales restauratn, another Cordovan chef with "Michelin star".

LAS CRUCES DE MAYO27 April - 01 May

Each year, the Cruces de Mayo is held in Cordoba, a popular contest that consists of rewarding the best decorated cross. With the passage of time a Christian tradition has become this party rooted in the activities of May Cordoban. Always the first weekend of May, the people of Cordoba raise great crosses in many squares and corners of the city and decorate them exuberantly with flowers. The best decorated crosses will be awarded by the City Council. But this holiday, today, not only deals with the presentation of the best cross but in them can be found from folklore performances to enjoy the atmosphere taking a glass of fine. Its origin has the May crosses in the Christian faith. In very distant times, the inhabitants of Cordoba adorned their crosses, the symbol of their belief, to honor them. Over time, the artistic aspect of this tradition became more and more the focus of interest. In this way, this contest is held that opens the May Cordoban.


Like every year, la Batalla de las Flores is one of the most popular fiestas in Córdoba that usually welcomes the spring.

It is a parade of about twenty floats adorned with flowers that walk the surroundings of the Paseo de la Victoria.

Organized by the Federation of Peñas, thousands of people from Cordoba and tourists come every year to this event, which is that women dressed in gypsy costumes throw thousands of carnations to the public that this in turn returns, producing in this way a real battle of flowers.

This year, the Battle of Flowers will be celebrated on April 30 at 12:30 p.m.

REJAS Y BALCONES CORDOBESES02nd of May to 14th of May, 2017

Coinciding with the Festival of the Patios, el Concurso de Rejas y Balcones will be held from May 2 to 14, 2017. It is another of the popular celebrations that are part of the multiple activities of the Cordoban Mayo.

In this contest, the owners who participate in it, decorate the balconies and bars of their homes with a sea of flowers whose vivid colors form a harmonious contrast with the white walls of the buildings.

And become each year a prey sought by the goals of professionals and amateurs to the photography.

LOS PATIOS DE MAYO EN CORDOBA02nd of May to 14th of May, 2017

After the crosses, the cultural program of the Cordoban May does not leave much time to rest; Since it has prepared another main attraction: the Festival of the Patios.

For two weeks, the neighbors open the doors of their homes so that both the people of Cordoba and the tourists who arrive at this time to the city, can contemplate the patios.

Small paradises that are usually hidden by curious glances.

Crossing an entrance, often unattractive, you reach the courtyard, the center of the house, and it seems that we enter into another world.

A sea of ​​flowers and aromatic plants surrounds the visitor with its sweet fragrance and its colors, you almost manage to forget that you are in the middle of a metropolis.

This tradition is deeply rooted in Cordoba. It was in the year 1918 when the Festival of the Patios was organized for the first time. Due to the Spanish Civil War, this tradition was interrupted, resurfacing in the 50s. From this moment, every spring in May, the Patios de Córdoba open their doors and invite you to enter.

FERIA DE MAYO – NUESTRA SEÑORA DE LA SALUD20th of May al 27th of May, 2017

The Fair of the city is the highlight of the festivities of May Cordoban. Taking place during the last week of the month, each year hundreds of thousands of Cordoban and foreigners are in the Arenal site on the outskirts of the city where this event is currently being held. Until the early 1990s, the Feria took place in the Jardines de la Victoria, in front of the Gallegos Gate. But the lack of land prevented the growth and originated this transfer.

To its origins of religious background, today only remembers its name: Feria de Nuestra Señora de la Salud. Today, the Fair is a fun event for all ages.

From attractions for children and young people, the offer of shows includes bullfights, competitions, live concerts, flamenco performances and a long etc.

The Fair of Cordoba is characterized in that all its huts are of free access. The special character of this Fair, also gives it the wine of the land, the traditional dress of the woman and the man with the typical Cordoban hat.

              During the day, riders are seen walking in magnificent horses while at night in the booths the songs of the summer and the Sevillanas are dancing.

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